Skykomish Masonic Lodge No 259


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2015 Railroading Events

Meeting Times: Third Saturday @ 2:00 PM in March, May, July, September, and October


March Events: Stated Meeting , March 21st

It’s time to put some steam in the boiler and get to work. 
The officers of Skykomish Lodge are excited to open our first meeting for 2015. It will be on Saturday, March 21, and we have a lot of work to do.
There is the usual spring-cleaning to be taken cared of if you wish to come up a little early.
Our Junior Warden, VW Boyd McPherson, will prepare the corned beef and cabbage for lunch at Noon.
The members of the Vancouver Chapter Order of DeMolay Vancouver, BC will be visiting the Lodge so Brothers, don’t forget to invite your ladies for this awaited visit.
The Audit Committee assigned by the Worshipful Master will meet at 1000 followed by lunch and the Stated Meeting at 1400. 
Worshipful Master Cesar Valera has a full agenda of Lodge business and will appreciate the support of as many of the Brothers of Skykomish Lodge as possible. 
This meeting is also the official visit of our District Deputy VW Steve Wandell. Of course, he is here to make every effort to be sure the train does not take any sidetracks.




All-a- Board

All meetings with the exception of the Railroad Degree are for the Family and Friends.

Luncheon at High Noon, Ladies, Family, and Friends invited.

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